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Für den Film "BORSTAL" haben wir die Filmmusik in unserem Studio eingespielt. BORSTAL - a Steven M. Smith film, 2016 Screenplay by Kris Gray Photos by gas de vere Music by Johannes Kuchta and Kris Gray Recorded at PHONOSPHERE studios, Bad Honnef var reslider1 = { id: '1', name: 'Borstal - Filmbilder', params:JSON.parse('{"behavior":1,"autoplay":1,"pauseonhover":1,"effect":{"type":0,"duration":1500,"interval":1000},"thumbnails":{"show":0,"positioning":0},"custom":{"type":"text"},"title":{"show":0,"position":"1","style":{"width":213,"height":61,"left":"571.375px","top":"14.7031px","color":"FFFFFF","opacity":0,"font":{"size":18},"border":{"color":"FFFFFF","width":1,"radius":2},"background":{"color":"FFFFFF","hover":"30FF4F"}}},"description":{"show":0,"position":"1","style":{"width":768,"height":116,"left":"16.375px","top":"345.703px","color":"FFFFFF","opacity":80,"font":{"size":14},"border":{"color":"3478FF","width":0,"radius":2},"background":{"color":"000000","hover":"000000"}}},"arrows":{"show":2,"type":1,"style":{"background":{"width":"49","height":"49","left":"91px 46px","right":"-44px 1px","hover":{"left":"91px…
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[posts_grid type="termine" columns="3" rows="3" order_by="date" order="DESC" thumb_width="370" thumb_height="388" meta="no" link="yes" custom_class="music"]   24.01. Rheine, Hypothalamus, 20.00 Uhr 25.01. Nordenham, Jahnhalle 30.01. Bonn, Harmonie 01.02. Nistertal, Bürgerhaus 02.02. Lütgendortmund 06.02. Idstein, Scheuer 07.02. Köln, Kantine, Support für Still Collins 08.02. Bochum, Riff  21.02. Berlin, Maschinenhaus Prog Night Berlin 17.04.Unna, Lindenbrauerei
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Look for the light – Preview

Preview eines Songs vom 2017 erscheinendem Album: "learning how to fly".
Unter Verwendung von Bildern von Hieronymus Bosch (1450-1516) und zweier Samples von Olafur Arnalds.

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